Rawalpindi Waste Management Company

Waste Segregation (Pilot Project)

What is waste segregation..?

Waste sorting is the process by which waste is separated into different elements. Waste Segregation is different from Waste Sorting. Waste Segregation means to group Waste into different Categories. Each waste goes into its category at the point of dumping or collection. "Waste segregation" means dividing waste seprately. Green Bag includes Kichen waste, Red Bag includes metals, Blue Bag includes Paper cardboard etc and Yellow Bag includes plastics.

Awareness Campaigns

Rawalpindi Waste Management Company Awareness Campaigns in rawalpindi A-Block satekkite town. Team is giving awareness to the residents of A- block satellitetown regarding waste segregation pilot project Named as (alag Karen alag banen)

Waste Bags Collection

Rawalpindi Waste Management Company Workers Collecting Waste bags from the residents of A- block satellite town Rawalpindi

Brouchers / Banners