We are just a call away!

Experimenting from manual entering of waste related complaints received from residents to setting up an integrated, modernized and high end computerized call centre where complaints and suggestions are noted and communicated to relevant staff on 24/7 basis, has been a rewarding and satisfying experience. Consumers satisfaction is what we have been seeking to achieve out of each operation we are performing related to waste management and 1139 has raised our confidence level in a sense that we hear back from people we work for and can address their concerns within no time.

1139 is not only the best tool of feedback rather it is one of the fastest rederssal system that is well knitted with operations hierarchy and RWMC's infrastructure in order to meet the standards of a service delivery organization that is just above the ordinary level.

1139 serves the citizens round the clock and seven days a week we have identified some 14 kinds of common complaints along with their allocated rederssal time and escalation levels to fast address any and every complaint. The Resource Group (TRG) is our partner in making the helpline more user friendly.


  • Completion of HR structure of company.
  • Procurement of machinery and company vehicles.
  • Waste to energy project.
  • Cleanliness Agreement with local industries, other hotels and hospitals regarding waste collection and facilitate them with company end.