Vehicle Trip Counting System (VTCS)

Vehicle Trip Counting System (VTCS) is automatically operated without any human involvement. This web based system is accessible through internet in any part of world. The amount of waste delivered by each vehicle can be seen in real time with a picture of the vehicle. The Turkish contractors have also given access to this system for continuous monitoring.

Amount of waste collected from the city and transferred to dumping areas is kept in record using Vehicle Trip Counting System (VTCS). This web based system operating without any human involvement is accessible through internet at any place. VTCS has been installed on weighbridges where amount of waste delivered by each vehicle can be seen in real time with a picture of the vehicle.

Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System (VTMS)

To efficiently manage a fleet of 600 operational vehicles, trackers have been installed on all operational vehicles including contractors’ vehicles. RWMC is ensuring optimum utilization of vehicles for cost effective efficiency and satisfactory waste collection. It tracks vehicle routes, the speed of travel, distance covered, points where vehicles stop, get parked etc.

All operational vehicles including contractor’s vehicles are being efficiently managed by Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring System (VTMS). Trackers have been installed in almost 600 official vehicles enabling to track location of vehicles round the clock using web application. It has helped keeping fleet movement under strict vigilance.

Android Based Monitoring

Aiming to effectively monitor the field activities of staff, RWMC has indigenously prepared a state-of-the art Android Based Digital Monitoring System using the latest technologies. Android based mobile devices coupled with PHP based web portal has opened a new era of web based monitoring.

Weighbridge Managemnet System

Weight of vehicle which carry waste had done automaticaly and store its record into database like weight, time, vehicle number driver name. It record is Updated on web portal Which we can see at any time from anywhere.